单词数:551 示例图

textbook conversation aloud pronunciation sentence
patient expression discover secret fall in love with
grammar repeat note pal pattern
physics chemistry partner pronounce increase
speed ability brain active attention
pay attention to connect connect … with overnight review
knowledge wisely Annie Alexander Graham Bell lantern
stranger relative put on pound folk
goddess steal lay lay out dessert
garden admire tie haunted ghost
trick treat spider Christmas fool
lie novel eve bookstore dead
business punish warn present nobody
warmth spread Macao Chiang Mai Halloween
Valentine’s Day Clara Santa Charles  Dickens Scrooge
Jacob   Marley restroom stamp postcard pardon
washroom bathroom quick rush suggest
staff grape central mail east
fascinating convenient mall clerk corner
polite politely speaker request choice
direction correct direct whom address
faithfully Italian Kevin Tim humorous
silent helpful from time to time score background
interview Asian deal with dare private
guard require European British speech
ant insect influence seldom proud
be proud of absent fail examination boarding school
leaf in person exactly pride take pride in
grandson general introduction Paula Alfred
Billy Candy Jerry Emily material
chopsticks coin fork blouse sliver
glass cotton steel grass leaf.
produce widely process France no matter
local even though brand avoid product
handbag mobile Germany surface postman
cap glove international competitor paint
its form clay balloon scissors
lively fairy heat polish complete
Korea Switzerland San Francisco Pam heel
electricity scoop style project pleasure
zipper daily website pioneer list
mention by accident nearly boil smell
saint take place doubt without doubt fridge
translate lock earthquake sudden all of a sudden
biscuit cookie instrument crispy sour
by mistake customer Canadian divide divide ... into
purpose basket the Olympics look up to hero
Berlin NBA CBA Chelsea Lanmon Jayce  Coziar
Jamie Ellsworth Julie   Thompson Whitcomb   Judson Thomas  Watson George   Crum
James  Naismith smoke pierce license safety
earring cry field hug lift
talk back awful teen regret poem
bedroom community keep away from chance make one’s own decision
manage society unit educate get in the way of
professional enter support Picasso truck
rabbit whose attend valuable pink
picnic somebody anybody noise policeman
wolf laboratory coat sleepy pocket
alien suit express not only … but also circle
Britain receive leader midsummer medical
prevent energy position burial honor
ancestor victory enemy period mystery
Stonehenge Carla J. K. Rowling Victor Jean
Paul Stoker prefer lyrics Australian electronic
suppose smooth spare case in that case
war director dialogue documentary drama
plenty plenty of shut superhero horror
thriller intelligent sense pain reflect
perform amazing pity total in total
master praise national recall wound
World War II Titanic Carmen Dan custom
bow kiss greet value everyday
drop by capital noon mad get mad
make an effort traffic somewhere passport chalk
blackboard northern coast season knock
eastern worth manner empty basic
exchange go out of one’s way make ... feel at home granddaughter behave
except elbow gradually suggestion Brazil
Mexico Cali Colombia  VmbI Lausanne Norway
Maria Katie Sato Marie Teresa Lopez Upez
Marc LeBlanc the more … the more leave out friendship king
prime minister prime minister fame pale
queen examine nor neither ... nor palace
power wealth grey lemon cancel
weight shoulder goal coach kick
teammate courage rather rather than pull
pull together relief nod agreement fault
disappoint Bert Holly backpack oversleep
give ... a lift miss unexpected block worker
stare disbelief above burn alive
take off till west cream boss
pie course bean market costume
embarrassed announce spaghetti hoax discovery
lady officer believable embarrassing New Zealand
Italy Mars Carl Orson litter
bottom fisherman coal public ugly
advantage cost wooden plastic make a difference
shark fin cut off method cruel
harmful chain ecosystem low industry
law reusable afford transportation recycle
napkin upside down gate bottle president
inspiration metal creativity WildAid WWF
Mark Jason Ken Hayes Jessica
Survey standard row in a row keyboard
instruction double shall overcome make a mess
graduate keep one’s cool ours senior senior high (school)
text level degree manager believe in
gentleman graduation ceremony congratulate thirsty
none task ahead responsible be responsible for
separate wing Brian Luke Griffin
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